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The most essential factor that requires careful consideration during optimization is the speed of loading the website and any of its pages.
The time it takes to fully load a specific page and the time it takes to download the first byte are two ways that determined loading speed.
Both user satisfaction and your Google rankings are impacted by your page speed. Because users can navigate between pages and read various content more quickly and simply on a fast website, more users may visit it. Users are more likely to visit your website again in this scenario, which is wonderful for your search engine rankings.

Google's Core Web Vitals indicator, which was released in the middle of 2020, places more stress on fast loading of websites and website speed.
Google's Core Web Vitals indicator, which was released in the middle of 2020, places more stress on fast loading of websites and website speed.
Increasing website speed is quite easy, and at a high level includes looking at how a set of website speeds have been implemented, technical best practices, and the website's current status.
Implementing the simple repetitive maintenance procedures also guarantees your website loads quickly in the future. At PixVio, we adjust fast-loading websites and fix slow-loading websites.
The speed and user experience of your website have a direct impact on your website's Google rankings, Facebook and AdWords ads, and all potential customers you attract through it.


Although page speed optimization is not the main goal, it can undoubtedly improve your website's overall performance.

Significantly website traffic will increase, there will be more page views, they will stay on it longer and lower bounce rate.


Increased user experience will lead to more conversions, which will enhance revenue. Of course, there are interconnections between each of these. The total performance of your website will impact if you ignore even the smallest area of underperformance. The performance of the website can be affected by a loading speed delay of even just one second.

Speed Optimization



Some of the salient benefits of the product include:

Perhaps you are aware that you have lost out on thousands of dollars' worth of future income because your website takes too long to load. With the help of our page speed optimization service, you can speed up your website by 15% to 50% and change its speed score from slow to fast. To achieve this, we will optimize a variety of aspects on your website, such as:

Our experts will undoubtedly optimize the many aspects of the website with a focus on this, including:

Dedicated Hosting

Website caching setup and configuration

Minimizing Time to First Byte (TTFB)

Image optimization and compression

Minifying and combining CSS and JavaScript files

Minimizing HTTP requests and decrease redirects

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Frequently Asked Questions

? What is the best score for Page Speed?

All of these types of websites require scoring space; therefore, Page Speed scores will undoubtedly fall in the higher range of 92-100. You didn't change these scores until you spend a lot of money on website hosting. The greatest score an average website may hope to get is 90 or 91.

? What is the influence of website page speed on SEO?

Indeed, web page speed influences SEO. Page speed is a key ranking factor, and Google's algorithm speed update is well recognized for this. However, speed can also have indirectly influence on rankings by decreasing dwell time and improving bounce rate.

?Is my website optimized for tablet and mobile devices?

DWe certainly optimize the website for mobile users. Our experts' mobile optimization ensures that mobile visitors have a user experience that is customized for their mobile device and considers factors like page speed, website structure, and website design to guarantee a high-quality mobile user experience. Additionally, you can use the Page Speed Insight tool to check the mobile speed score.

? What might be the reason for my website running slow?

The most frequent reason for a slow website is typically a large number of images that are not optimized. When loaded, high-resolution images consume a lot of bandwidth. unnecessarily expand the size of the page by uploading a larger image and then shrinking it could cause your website to load slowly.

? What is the significance of web page load speed?

Page speed is very important to users as faster pages are more effective and provide a better page user experience. If the web page takes more than 3 seconds to load, more than a quarter of users will opt out and go to different search results.

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